Havering Cyclists rides are listed under Events

Havering is a large green outer London Borough with many places where people of all ages can ride off road. The following are a few of the local facilities

Most Cycling web sites have route sections on them but a good starting place is http://www.cycle-route.com/

London cycle planning has an online planner at http://london.cyclestreets.net/

There are various organisations which invite people to join them on their rides the following is a list of links:

  • Hubbub has a good list of events.

  • The local Havering group of Cycling UK

  • The Essex B Group of the Forty Plus Cycling Club have runs every Thurday starting to the North of the borough.

  • Hornchurch Cycling Club runs beginner rides every Wednesday and club rides every Sunday. Check out their website for more details.

  • The LCC forum, rides and local page has news on what’s available across London.
  • There are many charity rides going on each week these can be found by going to the home page of each charity but a good starting place is Bike Events
  • Evans Cycles organise off-road and on-road events across the country you can find more info on their Ride-It Page
  • LetsRide organised by British cycling and sponsored by HSBC run a range of cycle rides for all abilities and ages across the country. They run a variety of rides including City Rides, Guided Rides, Social Rides, and Breeze ride which are women only. They also have numerous socialgroup which organise their own social rides. By registering it gives you access to all these rides. And it’s all free.
  • Romford Cycling Club  ride every Sunday from Cycle Surgery Romford, RM7 0AZ (opposite the ice rink). They arrange for a 08:00 leave time and we have a different route each week.Monday night beginners/recovery ride leave time 19:15 from Optimist Pub Upminster. Thursday night social leave time 19:15 from Optimist Pub Upminster.